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About the Team:

  • This is a low-obligation sport. Our primary goals are for the runners to have fun and to be active. We also support each runner in improving his or her ability level over the season – you will be surprised at how quickly they improve. Running is great cross training for other sports and can be enjoyed as a lifelong hobby.
  • The team incorporates 1st through 8th grades. • All parents are welcome to run or walk with us. This is particularly important since we’ll be running trails through the woods, and we need to make sure we have eyes on every runner so no one gets hurt or lost. We have a lot of very young runners this year, so we need lots of help. Even if you don’t run, we could use you to walk the course as a “sweeper” to keep an eye out.


  • There is no fee to participate.
  • If interested, please email Joe Messina at messinajj@hotmail.com to be put on the Fall 2018 Charger’s XC Distribution list.
  • We do need several forms to be completed, which is an SJBS Athletic Association policy. All forms can be found on the St. John’s or St. Joe’s school website.


  • Practices are not mandatory and are from 6-7 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the ski lodge — the bottom of the slopes. There is a good chance that runners will get dirty.
  • Runners are welcome at practice even if they never plan to attend a meet.
  • Runners should bring water to every practice and every meet.
  • Practices usually consist of a short warm-up run and stretch, followed by a longer run, then relays, then games. And Starburst candy…
  • We run rain or shine! In cases of severe weather, we will send out a cancellation email by 5:00 pm. Our general policy is that unless there is lightning or a cow flying past your window, we run. Our general policy is that unless there is lightning or a cow flying past your window, we run.


  • Meets are also not mandatory, and the schedule is below. These are open races, so every kid that shows up to run will run the race for their age/gender category.
  • Again, we run rain or shine!
  • There is a walk-through of the course before every meet. Please arrive ½ hour early.
  • We have SJBS track singlets that the kids wear for meets. These will be distributed at the first meet they attend. There is no fee, but they must be turned in at the end of the season. Most kids wear t-shirts under them but some of the girls wear tank tops under them on hot days.
  • JV runners (grades 1-5) run about .8 miles, (just one race), while varsity (grades 6-8) run closer to 1.5 miles. Exact distances depend on the course and race organizer.
  • The course is typically through the woods, so it’s nice if we can spread parents out through the course to cheer on the kids and to help keep an eye out.
  • All the kids run in groups, one race each. For a race beginning at 1:00, the order might look like this: 1:00 JV girls 1:30 JV boys 2:00 Varsity girls 2:30 Varsity boys
  • You can leave whenever your runner is done, but all people willing to stay and cheer are more than welcome!


EAST END Fall 2018 Schedule
Meet Date/Time Host Location

  1. Sunday, September 9, 1:00 p.m. Winchester Thurston Schenley Oval
  2. Sunday, September 16, 2:00 p.m. The Campus School Boyce Park
  3. Sunday, September 23, 1:00 p.m. ECS/Hillel Frick Park
  4. Saturday September 29, 9:00 a.m. Need a sponsoring school
  5. Championships
    Sunday, October 7, 2:00 p.m. St. Bede’s/Sacred Heart [Tent]. Frick Park

Contact Info:
Joe Messina:
messinajj@hotmail.com 412-310-0907


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