St. Joseph School of the Diocese of Pittsburgh is uniquely Catholic. St. Joseph School exists for the purpose of promoting a Catholic way of life based on Gospel values. The Catholic Schools play an important role in transmitting the faith, in building the community, and in promoting service. To preserve traditional moral and religious values and to meet the new ethical challenges in tomorrow’s society, emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills, problem solving and decision making.

The curriculum of St. Joseph School reflects these Catholic principles through integration of the faith into all areas of instruction. Dedicated professionals whose teaching ministry is based on a love for the Church create an environment that is communal and service oriented. The leadership of Administrator and Principal provides for opportunities for Catholic practice, including liturgies, reception of the sacraments, and other spiritual experiences.

The philosophy behind the curriculum of St. Joseph Catholic School in the Diocese of Pittsburgh is student-centered and rooted in the uniqueness of the individual child. Students are encouraged and motivated to develop their academic potential. Attention to individual differences is a significant factor in designing curriculum. No two people learn in the same way, at a uniform rate or at a common point in time with identical degrees of mastery, confidence and personal satisfaction. It is obvious then, that the organizational plan will differ from school to school. It is the responsibility of the Principal along with the faculty to plan and implement the philosophy. Differentiated instruction plus opportunity for individual assignments and growth are integral to the organizational structure of the school.

St. Joseph Catholic School of the Diocese is committed to excellence in its spiritual and academic goals. All instruction, all learning, and all activities are directed to the full development of the human person, for the welfare of an earthly society and the building of the Kingdom of God.

St. Joseph Catholic School located within the Diocese of Pittsburgh is committed to a program of education which seeks academic excellence, moral courage and developing faith, in the light of social and cultural change.

The curricula for St. Joseph Catholic School is based on the pedagogical concepts that all children are unique, learn at different rates and are to be challenged to their fullest potential.

Research indicates that children will achieve according to the expectancies placed upon them by their teachers and parents. St. Joseph School of the Diocese of Pittsburgh places high expectancy upon all teachers to motivate the children to achieve to the best of their abilities.

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